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Who We Are

Improving your strategies, growing your business

We have created a nationwide network of distribution with our infrastructure of distributor network, Front-line Sales Force, Key Customer Relationships, Trade and Consumer Marketing skills across the top retail stores in key markets of India, uniquely positions Quadrant as an able partner for FMCG brands intending to make a mark in India. Our strategic approach involves several components:

Quadrant positions itself as a one-touch national launchpad for brands targeting elite Indian consumers. We aim to provide comprehensive support and services to brands looking to establish a presence and succeed in the Indian market.

Back to back support to establish in the Indian Retail Market

Quadrant is jointly owned by four leading distribution organizations across India

Quadrant aims to accelerate Brands entry into Indian retail markets

Our overseas partners are already enjoying their presence in India.

Our Vision

Quadrant strives to provide exceptional consumption experiences to Indian consumers, forging partnerships with top global brands. Our extensive distribution network ensures easy access to premium products nationwide.

Our Mission

Empowering Indian consumers with seamless access to premium global brands through our extensive distribution network, delivering exceptional consumption experiences.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to continually enhance consumer access to top global brands, ensuring seamless experiences and satisfaction across our nationwide distribution network.