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Quadrant offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to support brands in effectively connecting with elite Indian consumers. Their expertise in market research, brand strategy, advertising, influencer marketing, events, digital marketing, and retail partnerships makes them a valuable Launchpad for brands entering or expanding in the Indian market.

We can run the business across all major channels

Quadrant’s expertise across these major channels enables businesses to have a comprehensive marketing approach, ensuring their brand is visible and accessible to elite Indian consumers through various touchpoints.

Through our relationship with all major e-commerce accounts like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and PayTM we can launch premium products quickly on these web stores and ensure that evolved consumers can find information about product features and benefits online. We can also get good deals on advertising on these platforms because of our long-standing relationship with these accounts. E-Commerce today is the channel of choice for educated and evolved customers and presence here is a must.

Every top city boasts of scores of self-service stores which are preferred by top of the line consumers for the convenience, assortment and credit terms they provide to their captive shoppers. Usually these stores are located within large residential complexes and housing societies or nearby and hence have a loyal and captive consumer base. We have the capability of launching the products here and capitalizing on these stores to reach and educate consumers

For categories and brands which require consumer trial for being established, we have a team which specializes in driving consumer trials across different touchpoints like petrol pumps, hospitals, schools, colleges, office complexes, railway stations.

If the distribution strategy chalked out entails distribution into top 50000 standalone retail stores in the 20 cities, we will be able to help the brand reach into these stores through our distribution infrastructure.

While E-Commerce can do a lot in educating the consumers online, Modern Trade Stores like Spencers, Big Bazar, MORE and others help the consumer touch and feel the product if it is available there. For many consumers, E-Commerce is a means to surf products while actual physical selection happens in these stores. We have a very good relationship with all these accounts and can help you brands with listing, terms of trade and visibility negotiation. Our expert merchandising team can create Shelf, Gondola and off Shelf Displays to ensure that’s the brands get prominence in these stores.

We have a very strong relationship with national and regional retail chains like Apollo Pharmacy, Medplus and others. These stores serve as counsellors on a lot of new product categories which require detailed explanation before the consumer starts using them. They aid in explanation and adoption of new and nascent product categories. Like Modern trade we can help here with listing and display execution.

We are committed to build an organisation, managing and controlling the entire distribution value chain. Our services cover distribution, sales and promotions with best in class execution, focusing on the foundation of healthy living.

Quadrant adapts to meet client needs while achieving desired outcomes.

Quadrant follows a structured and collaborative approach in working with brands to help them connect with elite Indian consumers.

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Proactive management of health risks to improve quality of life.

We will create, market and distribute consumer health brands that will exceed expectations by being significantly ahead of the curve on scientific innovation.

Create a self-sustaining model to introduce health brands in India.


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